About Us

We are, Joanne and Kathy, two sisters who have always believed that gifting is an art that can truly make a difference if done right. For years, we talked about “what if” we started a gift company and while spending an entire season locked indoors, we found that gifting was a wonderful way to stay connected with our friends, family and co-workers. 2021 seemed like the perfect time to make the “what if” a reality.  After spending countless hours tasting, trying and touching every product with the support of our husbands and families we decided to bring our passion to your doorstep and Ciolo was born.

Family is everything. Our company name was born out of our love of family. We come from a large Italian family, growing up was all about being together, sharing dinners, holidays and our grandmothers incredible cooking. We wanted a company name that held true to our heritage.  After days of searching for an Italian word that embodied who we are, the word we were looking for was right in front of us.  Our maiden name was Facciolo.  We took apart our last name and pulled out Ciolo and found out that Ciolo is a narrow coastal inlet in Apulia, Italy, a breathtaking place, where people still come together for family dinner.

As working moms, 6 kids between us with a passion for all things gifting we are creating happy memories while supporting other smaller businesses, creative entrepreneurs and Autism. It is important to us that our business delivers quality products, has high integrity and provides an experience to remember.  We are excited to start this journey, hope to see you along the way!